About Inner Balance

I initially founded Inner Balance to address the deficiency I experienced in traditional health care for the treatment of soft tissue pain and dysfunction. Over time my vision for Inner Balance has expanded to include a unique fitness experience that encourages healthy posture and biomechanics. The method diminishes the chance of fatigue, muscle tension pain and overuse injuries that standard training is likely to produce.

My fitness training incorporates the science of neuromuscular therapy and the latest fitness research. This combination allows me to create truly unique, dynamic, personal programs that optimize a person’s performance and will not fatigue or injure them. Whether you are trying to get fit, remain healthy or are a professional athlete or dancer, increasing performance without fatigue and injury is imperative.

I have experienced thousands of hours working with children and adults, male and female, everyday people to extreme athletes, helping them live more pain free, healthful and energetic lives through neuromuscular therapy.

I am dedicated to pursuing new research and methodologies in the fields of bodywork, movement therapy and physical fitness, and continue to expand my skills and knowledge through education and practice.

My Story

I personally experienced a deficiency in the traditional health care system that left me undiagnosed and treated ineffectively. A simple trip to the dentist turned into 5 years of pain, misery and desperation, not just for me but for my family and friends as well.

As a symptom free healthy adult, I had orthodontic braces put on my teeth in order to improve my bite. Within 2 weeks, I began experiencing dizziness, headaches, visual difficulties, tinnitus and a variety of other symptoms. On the advice of my orthodontist, I sought medical help. After 6 months and extensive testing, my condition had worsened and still there was no diagnosis. Eventually, a dentist diagnosed me with an acute TMJ dysfunction and the braces were removed.

Over the next 4-½ years, I wore a dental appliance to correct jaw position and had new braces put on. During this period, my condition continued to degrade and I was unable to work or drive a car. I consulted specialists in dentistry and the medical field. I under went X-Rays, CT Scans, blood tests, Pulmonary Function Test, EKG, hearing tests, Auditory Brainstem Response Test, vestibular disorder tests, had my wisdom teeth extracted, was prescribed various pain, muscle relaxant and antidepressant medications to no avail. When the braces were removed, I was in even worse shape. The physical and emotional stress was devastating.

Michael Cannizzaro PhotoMy primary care physician suggested I see a local neuromuscular therapist. Through a persistent and consistent therapy program, my condition began to improve. Eventually neuromuscular therapy made it possible for me to return to normal activity. It has restored and changed my life.

I wanted to understand what had happened to me and why neuromuscular therapy worked. I began researching myofascial pain and soft tissue dysfunction. The information I found clearly explained my condition. The experience fostered a desire to pursue a formal education in neuromuscular therapy.

I have been an athlete my entire life. My athletic experiences include: Baseball, basketball, track, weight training, flag football, bicycle racing, run-bike-run biathlon, yoga, golf, tennis, trail running and kayaking. During the period that I suffered, I was unable to participate in any activities, not even walking. Now that I am able to exercise and play sports again, I enjoy activity everyday without exception.

I believe the combination of my experience, education and passion for the fields of athletics and manual therapy makes me an effective and compassionate therapist and trainer.

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I am dedicated to pursuing new research and methodologies in the fields of bodywork, movement therapy and physical fitness.
I have chosen to be affiliated with these organizations because they are the leaders of their fields and continually strive to discover new and more effective methods.

Graduate Healing Hands Institute For Massage Therapy
Westwood, NJ

Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, St. John Neuromuscular Therapy Seminars
Largo FL.
Director: Paul St. John, CNMT.

•Cervical Injuries, Postural and Gait Analysis, Pelvic Stabilization
•Pain Mechanisms of The Low Back.
•Shoulder, Upper Torso, Spinal Column and Extremities.
•TMJ Dysfunction, Hands, Feet and Eyes.
•Neuromuscular Components of Cranial Decompression and Scoliosis.

Orthopedic Massage, The Center For Pain Management
N. Richland Hills, TX.
Director: James Waslaski, LMT.

•Twelve Step Approach to Assessment, Treatment and Rehabilitation.
•Pelvic Stabilization.
•Low Leg, Ankle and Foot Conditions.
•Knee and Thigh Conditions.
•Shoulder Conditions.Cervical Spine Conditions.
•Sports Massage

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique, The Freedom From Pain Institute
Oklahoma City, OK.
Director: Erik Dalton, Ph.D.

•Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Level I.
Structural Evaluation.
Sensory Receptors
Techniques – Full Body

•Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Level II.
Head, Neck and Scapular Pain.
Myoskeletal Zone Therapy Visceral and Biomechanical Dysfunction.
Receptor Techniques for Difficult Neck Conditions.

•Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques Level III.
Shoulder, Arm and Hand Pain.
Active Isolated Stretching.

The Mattes Method. Sports Medicine & Rehabilitation International
Palmetto, FL
Director: Aaron Mattes, RKT, LMT.

•Range of Motion Assessment for All Joints.
•Ankle-Foot Stretching Protocol. Knee Stretching Protocol.
•Neck Stretching Protocol.
•Elbow, Radio-Ulnar, Wrist and Hand Stretching Protocol.
•Shoulder Stretching Protocol.
•Hip and Back Stretching Protocol.

Certified Physical Fitness Specialist, The Cooper Institute
Dallas, TX
Director: Dr. Kenneth Cooper

•Medical Screening
•Fitness and Nutrition Assessment
•Goal Setting
•Exercise Programs and Nutrition Recommendations

•Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork – NCBTMB.
•Professional Member American Massage Therapy Association – AMTA.