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What is Neuromuscular Therapy?
NMT is a comprehensive program that helps people recover from acute and chronic pain, prevent future injury, and perform at their best. More>

Why Neuromuscular Therapy?
NMT fills a void left by traditional health care by analyzing soft tissue causes of pain and correcting them without drugs or surgery. More>

What causes pain?
Overuse of muscles and joints, repetitive motion injury, sports injury, accidents, stress, too much sitting or standing, not enough exercise, bad habits, adaptation compensation, decompensation and more can produce the factors that result in nagging discomfort to debilitating pain. More>

How does Neuromuscular Therapy work?
NMT seeks to discover and correct the principal factors that cause pain through client evaluation. NMT sessions are dynamic, depending upon the patient's condition. More>

How does a Neuromuscular Therapist Perform NMT?
Depending on the client’s condition this might include various types of massage, decompression of joints, stretching, strengthening, breathing, movement, body awareness and the creation of a home program.

Is Inner Balance & Neuromuscular Therapy right for you?
You are unique and that uniqueness will dictate the type of techniques the NMT will use to help you achieve your goals. Each session is an opportunity to reassess and take advantage of the NMT’s ability to apply the most effective techniques. More>

What is the difference between NMT and Swedish massage?
Swedish massage is used to induce relaxation, encourage lymphatic flow and calm the mind. In contrast, NMT sessions are focused on the goal of alleviating or preventing pain, restoring or enhancing proper structure and biomechanics. More>

Why is NMT different from other therapies?
NMT seeks to discover and address the cause, producing lasting results and providing the client with practical self-care strategies. If you have found that your discomfort or injury is unresolved, this is usually because you have received treatment of the symptoms but have never discovered the cause.

Do you prescribe medication?

Do you move bone (chiropractic)?
No. Bones and joints are held together by soft tissues and held in alignment by the forces and stresses placed up them. Balance the tissues and forces, remove the destructive stresses and alignment will result.